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May 17, 2021

Basil Pesto

Posted on October 31, 2007 by in sauces

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To make fresh basil pesto with herbs that you grew yourself, must be one of the most rewarding things to do. Early this morning I was in the garden already to pick the first of my basil crop and the smell was soooo delicious that I felt really inspired.
I could not get the children at school quick enough to just get busy in my kitchen. Well here is what I did.

Basil Pesto

1 basket (medium size) basil leaves
2 big cloves garlic
100 gr parmesan cheese, grated
100 gr almonds
juice and zest of a lemon

Put this in your blender and pour in olive oil while motor is running. Stop with the olive oil when the mixture is thick and almost like baby food.
Experiment with different herbs such as rocket, mint, parsley, Thai basil or a mixture of a few.
Also try experimenting with different nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts ect.

Pesto is delicious with so many things such as fish, chicken, veggies ,pasta and sandwiches.

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