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March 8, 2021

Masterchef contestants take a housewife challenge in Nina’s Kitchen

Posted on August 1, 2012 by in cooking classes

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Three Masterchef contestants, a challenge and  a very sexy photographer in one kitchen ……. things were destined to get out of hand……but alas, it didn’t! What we did have was great fun, great food, made wonderful new friends and learned an enormous amount in such a short time…
In preparation and planning the layout of our cooking school, we invited 3 Masterchef contestants to Nina’s Kitchen to try out our brand new (delivered as the contestants arrived) workstations. They were the very feisty  Sue-Ann Allen ( runner-up), Ilse Fourie (yes, the model!) and the fabulous Anel Potgieter from the blog LifeisaZooBiscuit and who have featured on RSG before! In the last week we even created a hashtag for our group…#ChicksThatChow

Mystery Box

While I had these girls in my kitchen and since they all had their turn at a pressure test(some a few), I wanted to spice things up a bit….with a little pressure test of course! Inside each mystery box was a challenge, a housewife challenge. I wanted these young ladies to feel the pressures of  a housewife, who sometimes have time and money constraints.

 Mixed emotions as they read through the challenges

They were limited to 6 ingredients and they had to use a Mediterranean Deli Product, simply because I wanted to show that one slightly more expensive ingredient can make a difference to every meal. Oh boy, these girls were stressed out!
While they got on with the cooking, I got to spend some time with the hunk photographer, Matt Stow. I could learn hands on how to capture light and position food and props to get that perfect shot.. Thank you Matt, spending time with you and your camera today was priceless!

What on earth?
A challenge
Sue-Ann very pensive and busy
After a quick visit to the pantry the girls got cooking and it was rather quiet in the kitchen with just a nervous giggle here and there…. I will do each  of their recipes separately, but tomorrow morning I will be doing Sue-Ann’s recipe on RSG.
Tune in just after the 9 o’clock news and listen to her sharing the recipe for these delicious samoosas…
100-104 FM or online.
Mediterranean Samoosas
makes 16
300 gr tomatoes – chopped
1 red pepper – chopped
100 g Mediterranean Deli Anchovies – optional
1 T each of basil and parsley
olive oil
pinch of sugar
6 sheets phyllo pastry
Heat a little olive oil in a pan and add the pepper. Saute until soft and add the tomatoes. Stir until th emixture is soft and reduced, about 2 minutes. Season and add the herbs and anchovies if you are using them. Allow to cool and add the crumbed feta.
Brush phyllo with olive oil or melted butter and place three sheets of phyllo on top of each. You will have 2 sets of 3 layers phylo. Cut in long strips so that each set gives you 8 strips(16 in total)
Place a some filling in on corner and start folding your samoosa. Seal with egg wash. Bake in oven until they are golden brown and crispy.

Cook’s Notes – Anchovies can be omitted to make this snack even more affordable.
Thank you Mediterranean Delicacies  and Nederburg who spoiled the girls with awesome hampers. All photographs in this post is courtesy of Matt Stow. Thank you Matt!
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