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Halva Ice-cream in three different flavors

Posted on September 17, 2012 by in desserts

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Ice-cream, you scream we all scream for ice-cream! A refrain I remember from my childhood, but literally the case for the past two days that have shocked us into summer mode far too quickly. I said to someone just last week, that I am definitely not souped or stewed out yet, so if I had a say in the matter summer could be delayed for just a while longer…..

With children however, their natural instinct kick in and with the warmer weather out come the costumes and the call for ice-cream!

I love making ice-cream and although I have a small ice-cream machine, sometimes I can just can’t be bothered to take it out the  cupboard and  I use  this easy-peasy recipe that you can “churn”  with the old-fashioned hand whisk….

I love experimenting with flavors, but with children somehow they like the familiarity and comfort of the classic vanilla, chocolate and caramel ice-cream!

I received some halva from Mediterranean Delicacies and wanted to incorporate it in some of the classic flavors. The halva comes in three flavors Chocolate, Almond and Pistachio. Eating halva is an acquires taste, I think maybe, it is because we want to eat big chucks as we would eat a chocolate. My favorite way of eating halva ( of course other than in this delightful ice-cream or my  Choclate Cupcakes with Halva Buttercream Frosting) is little nibbles with a strong cup of black bitter coffee……a perfect after dinner nibble!

Halva Ice-cream in three glorious flavors

Makes 1 liter ice-cream

You make a classic vanilla ice-cream first


2 eggs

200ml (3/4 cup) caster sugar

250ml(1 cup) full cream milk

500ml(2 cups) cream

½ vanilla pod – inside scraped out


Beat eggs and caster sugar in your mixing bowl until it is creamy and thick. Heat the milk and cream  and bring to just before boiling point. Add the cream, milk and vanilla if making vanilla ice-cream to the egg mixture. Pour into a plastic container and place in the freezer. After 15 minutes, take the container from the freezer and with a fork or whisk, just mix the ice-cream again to prevent ice-crystals from forming. Repeat the process again after 15 minutes and once more. Freeze until needed.

To make the other flavors:


When  heating the cream and milk, add 1 x 100g  70% chocolate to the mixture and allow to melt. Mix with the egg and sugar mixture. Now  crumble 50 gr Mediterranean Delicacies Chocolate Halva to the ice-cream mixture and  pop in the freezer or ice-cream machine. Follow rest of recipe as above.

Almond and Hazelnut

Make the basic vanilla ice-cream and add 125 ml chopped toasted, shelled hazelnuts and 50 g Mediterranean Delicacies Almond Halva  to the ice-cream mixture. Follow rest of method as above.


Make the basic vanilla ice-cream and add 125 ml chopped toasted, shelled pistachios  and 50 g Mediterranean Delicacies Vanilla  Halva  to the ice-cream mixture. Follow rest of method as above.

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