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September 27, 2020

Sweet sinful Salad by Gabbles17 for RSG

Posted on October 24, 2012 by in rsg, salads

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sweet sinful

This sweet sinful salad, by @Gabbles17 as the starter of a three-course menu using not only all  her favorite  fresh ingredients, but also ingredients that we are led to believe has aphrodisiac properties or in layman’s terms….. “sexy foods”!

The salad  is a collection of  lusciously fresh ingredients, hence the name Sweet sinful salad! With summer on our doorstep, it seems to me that her timing is perfect!

What is a Sweet sinful salad and who the heck is @Gabbles17 and why is it important that you know who this person is?  Well, Gabbles17 or Gabrielle le Roux just won the Head Sommelier of the Youngstar’s Showcook competition which was held at the One & Only on the 18th of October this year.  I met Gabbles on Twitter and invited her to come and cook with me here in Nina’s Kitchen! Gabrielle  comes in a very small package but believe me, she is  like dynamite…always on the go, chasing this ultimate foodie dream.  Sweet Sinful is not how I would describe her. She grew up in a house  of  a viticulturist and with her dad having   his own Vine nursery in Wellington,  she’s  been raised with an appreciation and love for wine, and an understanding of viticulture.Gabrielle le roux making a sweet sinful salad

With wine and food so closely related, it was inevitable that she ended up in or near a kitchen and she worked with the best. At Rust and Vrede she was inspired by Coenie  Snyman(winemaker), but also exposed to the “enormous talent” of David Higgs and Neil Grant. She also worked under  chef Pascal Ledroit ( Domaine Gayda Vineyards in the South of France) and Gleneagles Hotel (named as a tribute to a Saint and nothing to do with eagles-no sweet sinful there) in Scotland from Dec 2011 – June 2012. I think with this kind of drive and passion and experience, this young lady is going places.  she started her blog Deep Fried bananas about 3 months ago and reading her posts, I can definitely see an aspiring writer also trying to immerge.

To read more about Gabrielle’s  foodie journey up until now, please visit  her site Deep Fried Bananas!

In Gabrielle’s own  words: ” I’m a red wine, full fat/cream, rare steak kind of girl. I’m fatally allergic to peanuts, I love pistachio nuts and I eat anything and everything. I believe cooking should remain honest, non-pretentious and simple and I’m enormously thankful that fine dining in this country is becoming more relaxed and less stiff. I have a love affair with bubbly, mushrooms, macaroons and Cab Sauv, I’m allergic to cats and I love a good foodie debate.”

A delicious Sweet sinful salad with fresh ingredients

Sweet and sinful salad

serves 4


16 asparagus

1 T olive oil

salt and pepper

4 nectarines – halved and pipped

1 x 100 chevin cheese

200 gr prosciutto

125 ml pomegranate pips

fresh rocket or micro greens

For the dressing

¾ cup olive oil

¼ cup white wine vinegar – for this recipe I replaced the vinegar with a mix of lemon juice and orange juice

2 tsp sugar

salt and pepper

1 T mixed zest of lemon and orange

Place all the ingredients for the dressing in a jug and  with a stick blender blitz the dressing until thick and emulsified.

A delicious Sweet sinful salad with fresh ingredients

To make the salad

Heat a griddle pan and grill the asparagus and nectarines until cooked but not soft and over-cooked. You want beautiful char marks on the fruit and vegetables. To assemble the salad, place 4 asparagus in each plate, top with the 2 nectarine halves, the prosciutto and lastly the goat’s cheese and pomegranate pips(optional) Drizzle with the dressing and serve immediately!

A delicious Sweet sinful salad with fresh ingredients

Cook’s Notes

– you can replace the nectarines with fresh figs or even plums!

– serve this salad on a slice of  freshly baked ciabatta for a rustic lunch under the trees

Watch Dinner Divas every Saturday morning at 8.30 am on SABC 2. It is a cooking battle between 12 of the best food bloggers in South Africa. I am up against the best in this series so I need all the support I can get! Make a note and do join us for a good dollop of Saturday morning family fun. This coming Saturday Anel from Lifeisazoobiscuit and Barry from Wat Eet Ons will battle it out. You can read all about the Dinner Divas here!

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One Response to “Sweet sinful Salad by Gabbles17 for RSG”

  1. anel 25 October 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    oh dit lyk verskriklik lekker! en dit was wonderlik om meer onse @Gabbles17 te leer!

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