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April 17, 2021

This salad with crumbed goats cheese, figs and beetroot is indeed a burst of flavor!

Posted on February 21, 2013 by in cheese, salads, vegetarian

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This salad can be my main course, starter or in-between-meal-snack  any day and I will be a happy camper. It ticks all the right boxes, salty, sweet, colorful and so  so tasty!

The salad is so easy to make,  yet making the crumbed goats cheese requires some effort ( not skill), but if you can imagine breaking open a sweet fig and eating it alongside some salty, creamy goats cheese, then you are halfway there. The only thing better than that is to actually make it.


I made the salad twice this week, it would have  been a sin not too, it was that good. The first time I made it with beetroot poached in red wine and spices from Anel’s blog and the second time I used vinaigrette cooked beetroot from Woolies. Personally I think both can work, it depends if you prefer a more acidic taste  oppose to warmer spicier notes. The star ingredient in this salad is without a doubt the crumbed goats cheese. Actually let’s cut through the bull,  throw away the salad, just pass me a bowl full of these tasty morsels and I can die a happy woman. Salty, creamy, crunchy and so incredibly moreish….. you want to stop eating, but you can’t!

The cheese I used for the crumbed goats cheese is the  Fairview Chevin with Black Pepper & Paprika. This soft goats milk cheese with a mild goat flavour, rolled in crushed black pepper and paprika won First Prize at the 2011 South African National Dairy Championships. I am not surprised at  all, it is a delicious cheese to have on its own,  smeared on buttered ciabatta or stuffed in  a roasted tomato…heavenly, but more about that on another day. The possibilities for this cheese are literally endless.


The different flavors in the salad just worked, peppery rocket or radicchio, sweet figs and the almost earthiness of the beetroot all formed the perfect backdrop for the crumbed goats cheese. First time round we had it with some gooseberry salad dressing and the next time with apple and ginger vinaigrette. The apple and ginger dressing I made from the juice I received in my goodie bag at the Eat Out Festival launch last week.  The launch was in the urban garden of  Matt Allison (formerly known as ‘I’m no Jamie Oliver’). Eat Out has many exciting  upcoming events, so it seems we are in for loads of gastronomic fun! I think if I have to be honest, it was looking at Jamie’s luscious garden and his passion for  gardening that inspired this salad, so thank you Eat Out and Jamie for the inspiration!

Salad with Crumbed Goats Cheese, figs and beetroot

serves 4


1 pillow bag rocket or mixed greens

8 small cooked or poached beets

8 small figs

4 thin slices of  prosciutto or Parma Ham (optional)

2 x 100 g Fairview Chevin with Black Pepper & Paprika

250 ml fresh breadcrumbs – use ground almonds for a gluten free option

150 ml flour – skip the flour station if you are using ground almonds

2 eggs – lightly beaten

salt and pepper

oil for frying


First make the goats cheese balls: Remove the goats milk logs from the packaging and in a bowl, use a fork to loosen up the cheese. Use your fingers and make 8 small balls ( although crumbly, it comes together like play dough ). Season the flour with salt and pepper and place the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs in 3 separate bowls.  Dip the cheese balls in the flour, then egg, then flour again, then egg again and lastly breadcrumbs. This gives you a thicker crumb coating and the cheese will not ooze out when frying.

Heat the oil in a small pot and fry the cheese balls in small batches. It takes about 40 seconds a side, so make sure your oil is hot and keep your eye on it. If it stays in the oil for too long, it will melt and ooze out. When golden brown remove the goats cheese with a slotted spoon and drain excess oil on kitchen toweling.

Arrange the salad leaves on a pretty plate. Slice the beets and figs in half and arrange on the leaves. top with the Parma ham and crumbed goats cheese and serve immediately.


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3 Responses to “This salad with crumbed goats cheese, figs and beetroot is indeed a burst of flavor!”

  1. Lindsey Gibaud 22 February 2013 at 7:28 am #

    Hi Nina, This salad sounds fantastic. I bought a little tub of tiny figs at Woolworths earlier this week – i have never seen them before – your recipe has inspired me. Thanks. Lindsey

  2. zirkie 22 February 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    Wow, Nins!! This really looks and sounds delicious!

  3. Isobel 5 December 2013 at 11:28 am #

    Want to try this one, Ninna – can I make the cheese balls the day before?

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