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October 23, 2020

Cheese and pepper butter to set of a week of cheesy goodness for the Cheese Festival

Posted on April 21, 2013 by in beef, cheese

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Cheese and pepper butter sound way to ordinary for the absolutely delicious recipe I am about to share with you, since I could not come up with a more interesting name, you are going to just take my word for it.  My addiction to cheese is no secret, if you just look at all the cheese recipes I have on my site, you will know “this girls” needs cheese therapy!

Cheese is a staple in my grocery basket as well as my fridge. My mom says I was born with a pot of cream in my one hand and a block of cheese in the other, because my wicked cheesy thoughts tell me that you can cover a multitude of your kitchen dilemmas with cream and cheese and who knows, come up with a brand new recipe.


Who would have thought that the humble old sweet potato can be so delicious, but mash a few sweet potatoes, top it with a mixture of cream and cheese, a grating of nutmeg and you will not believe the gratin that appears in front of your very own eyes. To die for!

I recently made boozy figs and served it with Fairview Camembert which is now made with 100% goats cheese and what a plate of sexiness that turned out to be.  Not all my cheesy recipes are a threat to your heart though, I have a very healthy, gluten-free, Paleo-friendly recipe for Goats cheese tarts, asparagus and peas that will convert any hard-core carnivore to  a vegetarian diet.


Even my sweet tooth is satisfied with these cheesecake-filled strawberries and these Cheesecakes with figs are a perfect end to a meal, because it combines the dessert and cheesy goodness  into one….. less effort for you of course!

This Friday is the beginning of the annual Cheese Festival out at Sandringham farm. I have been cooking up a storm at this festival for the last couple of years and it really is a feast not to miss! This year the Friday program has been extended to 10 pm to accommodate people who work till late and also due to popular demand.



I have 4 tickets available to the Cheese Festival for Friday 26 April. This ticket allows you to visit every stall and sample your way through tons and tons of cheese. You can also come and see me cooking with , guess what CHEESE! I will be in the DStv Arena, everyday at 2pm.

To win these tickets, please email me at with your answer to the simple question.

Where is the annual Cheese Festival held?

Cheese and Pepper Butter

makes 1 x 20 cm log


2 x 100 Fairview Chevin

15 ml black peppercorns – crushed

15 ml red peppercorns

15 ml green peppercorns

15 ml chopped mint or oregano

a little salt if needed


Place all the ingredients  in the food processor and process until the mixture is thoroughly mixed. Spoon out onto grease proof paper and make a roll. Place roll in the fridge or freezer and cut in slices when firm or when needed.

*The cheese herb butter is also delicious on chicken, fish or even a baked potato.


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    At Sandringham 🙂

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  4. bernelle 22 April 2013 at 3:04 pm #

    Sandringham 🙂

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