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October 26, 2020

Easy Chocolate Nutella Cake with Vanilla Mousse and Hazelnut Praline

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Easy Chocolate Nutella Cake with Vanilla Mousse and Hazelnut praline! I can see you shake you head in disbelief, thinking, what on earth is easy about that? First of all, what  is a praline? What is easy in making a vanilla mousse and I am not a good baker, these are just a few questions and excuses I hear coming my way! Well, thanks to a little common sense and the power of social media, you can bake this cake with ease!

Easy cakes seems to be Herman Lensing’s forte and every now and then he has an informal bake-along on Twitter where he takes his followers through the easy steps of how to bake a cake. I have made the Nutella Brownies with him and this week he posted a Toffie Cake,that sounded way too delicious not to try. Herman’s new book Voorskoot” will be on the shelves in September and you can bet you money on it that I have a copy, hopefully signed by the master himself!


Baking is really easy once you have mastered the basics and the basics in my opinion are:

– read your recipes carefully – both the ingredients and method

– prepare all your ingredients before you start.

– all ingredients, especially butter and eggs must be at room temperature

– measure your ingredients precisely, with cooking you can be more lenient, but baking is a science.

– put fear aside, if you can read, you can bake!

– if all else fails, turn your cake into a trifle and remember: whipped cream can cover many baking failures.

Back to Herman’s easy Toffie Cake…. of course as with any impulsive baking ( hence the above warning), you will always halfway through the recipe find that you miss one or two ingredients. In my case, I did not have the 100 g slab of chocolate and had to make another plan…


Easy Chocolate Nutella Cake with Vanilla Mousse and Hazelnut praline

makes 1 three-layered cake


1 x 385 g condensed milk

180 g Nutella

200 g butter

200 g sugar

2 eggs

200 g flour

20 ml baking powder

25 ml cocoa powder

3 ml salt

180 ml buttermilk

5 ml vanilla

For the Vanilla Mousse

1 packet Instant vanilla pudding

250 ml milk

500 ml cream

For the hazelnut praline

125 ml sugar

125 ml toasted, skinless hazelnuts



Preheat the oven to 180 C. Line a 25 cm cake tin with baking paper or spray with Spray ‘n Cook. Melt the condensed milk and Nutella in a glass bowl. (I did mine in the microwave)In your mixer, cream the butter and sugar until light in color and then add the eggs and beat for another minute!. Sieve the flour, baking powder, salt  and cocoa together in another bowl. Mix the dry ingredients with the butter mixture as well as the buttermilk and vanilla. Lastly fold in the condensed milk/Nutella mix and bake for 35 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted into the cake. Allow to cool on a wire rack.

Make the mousse

Mix the instant pudding with the milk and beat with a fork for about 1 minute. Place  in the fridge and allow to set completely. Pour the cream into your mixer and whip until the cream forms stiff peaks. Add the vanilla pudding and whip until the pudding has blended in well.

Make the hazelnut praline

Pour the sugar into a pan and on a very low heat, let the sugar melt and caramelize to a golden color. Watch the pan as it burns very quickly. Once you have a caramel, place the hazelnuts in a plate or pan and pour the caramel over the top. It hardens very quickly. Once it is hard, break into smaller pieces and grind with your food processor until it becomes crumbs.

To assemble the cake

Once your cake has cooled completely, slice it in 3 even-sized layers, using this method.

Spread with vanilla mousse between each layer and also on the top. Finish off with the hazelnut praline.

Now pour yourself a cup of tea, you have mastered the art of easy baking! Thank you Herman!

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  1. Susan 6 August 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    What does 1x 386grams mean?

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