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April 17, 2021

Milk tart Springrolls – Magic happens when two cuisines meet!

Posted on October 30, 2013 by in baked goods, rsg

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milk tart

Milk tart is as South African as Madibabraaivleis and mealie pap (maize porridge) and many a competition is held every year to find the ultimate milk tart baker.

Milk tart usually has a sweet pastry crust and a filling made with sugar, milk, eggs and flour. Of course the flavor that is synonymous with milk tart is cinnamon and I love the aromas in my kitchen when baking with cinnamon! Milk tart is such a comforting thing to eat, it reminds me of cold winters, warm fires and good company!  To make milk tart however is hard work, or let me rephrase that, it is not hard work, but time-consuming work! First you have to make the pastry and allow it to rest! Then the filling and some of the recipes I found have as many as three stages…….. way to much effort for me! There are other versions, like the crustless milktart, the microwave milk tart, even the the no-bake milk tart, but believe me the classic is still the best!

What if I tell you that you can make milk tart springrolls and still experience the crunch of  the pastry, the creaminess of the filling and the hints of cinnamon? The idea of these milktart springrolls came to me, when I invited Henk Hatting over for a photo shoot in preparation for my radio slot tomorrow morning . The topic is “What makes food drool worthy?”. So with these springrolls we wanted to capture the simplicity of food, the textures and also draw on the reader or listeners past experiences with, for example milktart! The problem is, I had to make more and more and more, because they were so darn good that we could not stop nibbling! While making these I also thought how fantastic it is that Chinese and South African cuisine can come together and create such magic!

For those who have not yet had the privilege to meet Henk Hatting, he is a very talented photographer and is fast becoming a man in demand by the different magazine editors.  I am so blessed to have spent the morning with him, learning and absorbing all there is to know! Thank you Henk!

Ok, the milktart spring rolls are so easy to make an because I know after reading this you all will want to make it, I chose the microwave version filling! It is quick and easy!

milk tart

Milk Tart spring rolls

makes 40


1 tin condensed milk
3 tins water(use condense milk tin)
15 ml butter

2 sticks cinnamon
4 eggs, separated
125ml cornflour
1 vanilla pod – cut open, use inside for filling. Throw pod in milk mixture, while heating.

Slowly bring condense milk, water and butter to the boil while stirring. You can also do it in the microwave oven for 8 minutes on 100%power.

Mix the following – make sure there are no lumps.
4 egg yolks
125ml corn flour
a little water for mixing

1 x 400 g packet springroll wrappers

1 egg white ( to use as glue)

oil for deep frying

cinnamon sugar

milk tart


When milk mixture is almost boiling, first add a little of the hot milk to the egg mixture and then stir while add all the egg mixture to the rest f the milk mixture on the stove.

In the microwave – mix egg mixture with milk mixture and microwave for 4 minutes on 100% power, stirring every minute.

Beat egg whites to white peak stage and gently fold into custard. Allow the mixture to cool down.

To make the spring rolls

Simply place a wrapper on a flat service and with a pastry brush brush the all 4 sides with egg white. Place some ( a heaped teaspoon) milktart mixture on the wrapper at the end nearest to you. fold in the sides and roll up like a cigar. Constantly wet your finger with the egg white and make sure there are no leaking holes for the custard to run out whilst frying.

Heat your oil to very hot and fry the springrolls, 5 at a time and when golden brown, remove from the oil and immediately roll in cinnamon sugar.

* Very Important – make sure your oil is very hot, it must just quickly brown the pastry, once the filling on the inside starts to cook, the springrolls  will bust open and it will be a mess.

milk tart


Tomorrow morning just after the 9 o’clock news, I will be  back in my seat at RSG studios, sharing this easy recipe with you! Get ready to be amazed! I will also in weeks to come take you into the kitchens of other bloggers, chefs and interesting South Africans this year. So buckle up, it is going to be an awesome ride. Tune in 100-104FM or listen online here!

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7 Responses to “Milk tart Springrolls – Magic happens when two cuisines meet!”

  1. Anne-Marie 1 November 2013 at 8:52 am #

    Goeie genugtig dit lyk sooo lekker. Ek gaan dit definitief probeer
    Dankie vir die resep

  2. Petro Alho 3 November 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    Oh my soul! I think I wont know how to control myself. I can already feel the crunch under my teeth. it looks so yummy! Definitely my next try in my kitchen.Thanks for the

  3. Maritza 5 November 2013 at 11:58 am #

    Vou mens die eierwit in terwyl die vla warm is? Dit gee ‘n snaakse amper ‘n geskifte tekstuur. Moet die vla ‘n nie ‘n gladde tekstuur hê nie? Hoop myne kom lekker uit:-)

  4. Anri 25 February 2016 at 10:15 am #

    Kan n mens filo deeg i.p.v die springroll wrappers gebruik. Kry dit nerens nie.

    • nerinatimm 25 February 2016 at 5:21 pm #

      Ja, jy kan beslis, maak seker dis goed geseël. Jou olie moet lekker warm wees. Braai vinnig, want as die melktert pap warm word en stoom, bars dit oop.

  5. Tania 6 January 2017 at 2:52 pm #

    Can you please tell me if these can be made the day before the function?
    Many thanks


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