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April 12, 2021

Gammon and grilled fruit for a festive Christmas Lunch!

Posted on December 11, 2013 by in pork, rsg

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Gammon for Christmas is one of the traditions that I really do not understand. Don’t get me wrong, it is on our table every Christmas and if by some act of fate it is not, every one asks for it!

Gammon for Christmas however is not at all a proudly South African tradition but originates from England and France. Gammon is derived from the French word “jambe” which means  hind leg of the pig. So you’ve guessed it, gammon is indeed pork and the only difference between ham and gammon is that ham is already cooked, but gammon you must cook first before you can eat it. It is here at this point where my problem starts. Traditionally we serve meats like turkey, lamb, cured beef and pork which all takes hours to cook. This is not a problem in the middle of winter, but December, really? First of all, the heat then comes the sore feet and lastly my pet hate, flies, especially when camping!


So if not a traditional meal, what then? Another braai?  I don’t think so, my family will definitely not fall for that one! so through the years, we have made compromises, mom cooks the meats ( she likes getting up at 4) and we do the salads and desserts! Not really, when we visit mom, she spoils and does it all herself, but we love to think we did something. I wanted to try  a gammon, but on the braai, so that dad can come into the picture too. My poor hubby is working so hard at the moment, that my plan failed and I ended up at the braai yesterday, but I loved it and imagine the surprise on their faces when they sat down to this (not)traditional Christmas dinner last night.


Gammon and Grilled Fruit

serves 4-6


1.5 kg gammon – I used bone in

500 ml chicken stock

10 cm fresh ginger cut in slices

2 star anise

2 cloves garlic – peeled

2 cloves

4 apricots – halved and stones removed

4 nectarines  – halved and stones removed

500 g pork chipolatas

8 baby potatoes – cooked in skin

For the basting

125 ml honey

45 ml grated ginger

juice of 1 lemon

15 ml soy

garlic butter

fresh herbs of your choice


Place the gammon in a pot and add the stock. Add the garlic, ginger, cloves and star anise. Place the pot on a very small fire and bring to the boil. Cook the gammon as per instructions on the packet. This is usually 50 min per 500 g. Control the fire and add a few coals if needed. You can also add stock or water if needed in the cooking time. Once the gammon is nearly soft, light the kettle braai or Weber. This is how you do it: We are using indirect heat, which means you will make the fire in the sides of the Weber. Start with 20 briquettes on each side. Light with Blitz and wait until coals are grey. Place the meat on the grid in the middle, place the lid on and open the vents halfway. Cook the gammon for at least 50 min to 1 hour. Remove the lid, take the meat off, keep covered in foil and then add 10 more coals on each side. Wait for the coals to turn grey, then add the meat back on as well as the fruit, baby potatoes and chipolatas. Baste the pork and fruit with the basting sauce and the potatoes with garlic butter. Place the lid back on and cook for 30 minutes.

Serve with a light salad and maybe a loaf of bread or two.


Cook;s Notes:

You can dress the gammon with the traditional pineapple rings and cherries, but for us it is too sweet.

Tomorrow morning just after the 9 o’clock news, I will be  sharing this easy recipe with you!  Get ready to be amazed! I will also in weeks to come take you into the kitchens of other bloggers, chefs and interesting South Africans this year. So buckle up, it is going to be an awesome ride. Tune in 100-104FM or listen online here!

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3 Responses to “Gammon and grilled fruit for a festive Christmas Lunch!”

  1. Sheena Mathew 12 December 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Preparing Gammon the way you have Nina will be a family festivity!!! Thanks for all your hard work and creativity, everything I prepare from your Blog is a HUGE HIT. Hope your feet feel much better already. Regards Sheena

  2. Dorothy 13 December 2013 at 11:39 am #

    look forward to trying this recipe for gammon. Not many people eat gammon but we love it cold on the days after Christmas and serve the gammon with salads.


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