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April 17, 2021

Labneh and Sun-dried Tomato Terrine

Posted on December 22, 2013 by in cheese, vegetarian

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Labneh is surely the easiest cheese in the world to make and requires almost no skill or effort! I must say at this stage I have very little energy left so my skill and effort levels are at an all time low, I am indeed looking for shortcuts!

Labneh is a cheese traditionally enjoyed in the Eastern Mediterranean and is nothing but yogurt that has been strained through a muslin cloth, separating the whey from the Cheese or Labneh. Often the labneh is rolled into balls and preserved in olive oil to be eaten with pitas and other delicacies as part of a light meze. In other words “perfect” for lazy holidays and hot summer nights.


The recipes basically has 3 ingredients, so before I get there, I want to just just take the time to thank each and everyone of you for one incredible year. It has been a roller coaster up and down, but boy oh boy, what a ride it has been!

Thank you for your support, encouragement, loyalty and friendship throughout this year. It has been such a pleasure being with your whether it was in person or online! Every phone call, every message, every email or chat has just been wonderful and at times it carried me through the rough times.

To my amazing clients, Fairview, Safari, Peppadew, Sodastream, Philips, Spekko, Woolworths, Olyfberg and the SA Mushroom Growers, thank you very much for a fun-filled, creative year. I trust we can build on our relationships and that we will still be partners for many years to come!

RSG, Cape Argus, Die Burger, The Cape Times who showcase my work so beautifully, I am truly grateful! I am looking forward to a very busy and productive 2014.

Without any further ado, here is this very short but delicious recipe!


Labneh and Sun-dried Tomato Terrine

serves 6


1 tub  Fairview Shelley’s Labneh with garlic and herbs

1 240 g sachet Ina Paarman Sun-dried Tomato quarters in olive oil


Line a small bread tin or any other 300 ml mould with cling wrap with some plastic hanging over the sides of the mould. Empty half the labneh in the mould. Drain the sun-dried tomatoes and chop into little chunks. Spread the sun-dried tomatoes on the labneh and then top with the other half of the labneh. Close the plastic and refrigerate until needed. Serve with basil pesto and chunks of toasted ciabatta or crackers.

Cook’s Notes – Serve this delicious terrine with fresh basil pesto or replace the tomatoes with chopped roasted red pepper/


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One Response to “Labneh and Sun-dried Tomato Terrine”

  1. gwen Coetzee 26 December 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    Hi Nina just want to thank you for the recipes you give us, i am from old school and very tired of cooking.(ideas don’t always come easy.) I always cooked for two but now it’s so boring to cook for 1. But i am a RSG listener and am pleased to have new ideas in your recipes.

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