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April 17, 2021

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade for my Valentine!

Posted on February 10, 2015 by in Beverages, rsg

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Frozen watermelon Lemonade

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade sounds like Summer doesn’t it?

Frozen watermelon Magarita I have seen and heard of, but lemonade, nope! When I saw it on Hein van Tonder’s site, Heinstired, I was sold on the idea! Trust Hein to think of this refreshing idea! For a bean counter, this talented friend of mine is going places in the food world! His blog is a feast for the eye, but he has such a talent for lifestyle photography! He took these amazing photos at our  long table in Langebaan at the beautiful home of  Isabella Niehaus! His latest work was taken at the Convivium2015 on Kalmoesfontein! Stunning work Hein!

Frozen watermelon Lemonade

Photo by Heinstirred


Anyway, back to the Frozen Watermelon Lemonade. I think it is so brilliant and just perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love the vibrant color, love the “frozen” idea and I think it is different to the usual non-alcoholic beverages.

Hein says: “What I love about this recipe is that you have so many ways of serving it. Keep it as a slushy of the mixed watermelon and lemonade or top it up with soda water for more of a cool drink. Make it festive and top up half a glass of the mix with some bubbly or go the cocktail route and top it up with rum, tequila or vodka. The options are really endless.”

Frozen watermelon Lemonade

Photo by Heinstirred

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade

(By Hein van Tonder)


1.5kg watermelon, peeled and cut into chunks and frozen overnight

120g sugar

450ml water

zest (use vegetable peeler and do not remove any of the white pith with the zest) and juice of 4 medium to large lemons

pinch of salt

soda water or spirits to top up as per your preference


Make the syrup by placing the sugar, water and zest in a saucepan.

Bring it all to the boil while stirring and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

Remove from the heat and stir in the lemon juice and salt.

Cover and let it infuse until completely cooled down.

Pour through a sieve to remove the lemon peel.

Place a third of the watermelon chunks and lemon syrup in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and slush like.

Repeat with the rest of the watermelon and syrup.

Pass it through a sieve to remove any possible watermelon pips.

Serve as a frozen drink or top up with soda water, sparkling wine or spirits as you prefer.

Frozen watermelon Lemonade

Photo by Heinstirred

Tomorrow  morning  at 9 o’clock, I will be talking to Hein van Tonder about his ideal Valentine’s Drink!! 

We will be talking about his passion for photography, his fresh approach to food and his travels with his camera! I will also in weeks to come take you into the kitchens of other bloggers, chefs and interesting South Africans this year. So buckle up, it is going to be an awesome ride. Tune in 100-104FM or listen online here!

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One Response to “Frozen Watermelon Lemonade for my Valentine!”

  1. Hein 12 February 2015 at 12:17 pm #

    Baie dankie Nina! Dit was so lekker om met jou te gesels vanoggend.

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