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August 14, 2020

Beef Short ribs with Pomegranate and Soy

Posted on February 24, 2016 by in beef

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beef short ribs

Beef Short ribs were for years the under dog of beef cuts. People went for the steaks, the shin ( for stew), the tail (oxtail) and over Christmas time the tongue, but beef short ribs were just for the odd winter stew.

Lately beef short ribs are the rage. Smokey BBQ beef short ribs are the new thing when having a “braai” and lamb shanks are happily replaced by beef short ribs cooked for ours in red wine with earthy mushrooms and pancetta lardons ( makes you hungry just thinking about it, right?) I am on such a Eastern food binge at the moment. I crave stir fries, dim sum, Chinese Chicken and have had dreams of my Chinese Pork with Plum Sauce.

beef short ribs

So when I saw the beef short ribs at the butcher, I could not resist and I also knew exactly what to do with it. I wanted that sweet, sour combination with hints of ginger, garlic, soy and lemongrass. Oh my word, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. One has to be careful when using soy though, especially in such big quantities, because your end result might be too salty, so I thought pomegranate juice will do the trick. The little red pomegranate rubies will also be a fresh element to the dish in the end.  Well, I was not disappointed, the end result was exactly as I had planned it. Packed with flavor, the meat literally fell off the bone and it certainly ticked all the right Easter binge boxes for me. So next time you see short ribs, don’t walk pass. Grab some and…… yes, you can thank me later!

beef short ribs

Beef Short ribs with Pomegranate

serves 4-6


8 pieces beef short rib ( mine was about 1.3kg)

30 ml olive or coconut oil

4 cloves garlic – peeled and kept whole

a thumb length piece ginger – peeled and cut in pieces

1 star anise

2 sticks lemongrass

250 – 300 ml pomegranate juice

100 ml thick soy

1 red chili – keep whole

1 T grated ginger

15-30 ml brown sugar

beef short ribs


Heat a pan on the stove or,if you have, a cast iron oven casserole and brown the meat in the oil. If you are using a pan, transfer the browned meat to a oven casserole or just keep the meat in the cast iron pot. Add the pomegranate juice, soy, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and star anise. place the lid on and cook in the oven for 2-3 hours. The meat must be very soft and come off the bone easily.

Gently remove the meat from the sauce in the pot and keep warm. Add the sugar and grated ginger to the sauce and reduce to a light syrup consistency. Place the meat back in the sauce and gently warm through.

Serve on fluffy Jasmin rice with fresh pomegranate, chopped spring onion and chopped chili.

beef short ribs

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