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March 8, 2021

Labneh Pizzas – Savory or Sweet, you chose!

Posted on February 6, 2017 by in baked goods, cheese

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Labneh Pizzas

Labneh Pizzas, talk about fusion.

Labneh Pizzas are not pizzas you will find in your local pizzeria and if you do, thy will be under the gourmet range and will cost significantly more. Look, my family also goes for the classic pizza flavors, Hawaiian ( my worst), Thai Chicken or Bacon and Mushroom. Nothing to get excited about.

We also don’t eat pizzas that often anymore, we try to eat less carbs and the low-carb pizza bases, is just not for me. I will rather abstain. Every now and then a treat is as good as a holiday, so when I pulled these Labneh Pizzas on my family, they loved it.

Labneh Pizzas

For your information: Labneh is a thick, rich yogurt cheese popular in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and Northern Africa. A good low fat substitute for cream cheese and sour cream, you can shape it into balls and roll in seasonings for a bite-size snack. However, did you know that Labneh can be eaten both cooked or just as it comes. It is used in savory sauces as it does not curdle at high temperatures, unlike normal yogurt. It is used as dip for bread, added to stew, and to add creaminess to soups.

So, I am always stocked up with Bedouin Labneh Products. These Labneh pizzas were delightful. We ate some uncooked and the other we had to just melt the mozzarella. Either way, they were really, really good.

So just a quick not on the pizza bases. I ordered these pre-baked bases from our local pizzeria. They are baked in a wood fire and have the char marks for flavor. I suggest you keep a few in your freezer for the pizza-craving nights.

Labneh Pizzas

Labneh Pizzas

Labneh, Figs, Walnuts and Honey


2 pre-baked pizza bases

1 x 140g Bedouin Labneh Cream Cheese – chili flavor

10 – 12 fresh figs – cut in half

½ cup – toasted walnuts – chopped


black pepper

pea shoots or fresh rocket


Spread the labneh over the pizza bases. Top with the figs, walnuts and drizzle with honey. Just before serving, finish it off with a few grindings of pepper.

Labneh Pizzas

Margarita with Labneh, Proscuitto and Olives


2 pre-baked pizza bases

1 cup tomato pizza sauce

salt and pepper

1 cup grated mozarella

½ cup pitted olives

1 x 140 g Bedouin Labneh Cream Cheese – garlic flavor


Preheat oven to 220C. Spread the tomato sauce on the pizza bases. Top with mozzarella, olives salt and pepper  and bake until the cheese has melted. Remove from the oven and place on a pizza plate. Top the pizza with balls of the labneh, fresh rocket and prosciutto.

Labneh Pizzas

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    i really enjoyed your article!Love the this article.

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    it’s really nice and meanful. it’s really cool blog.

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    This is a great resource for bloggers like me!

  4. Kayla 19 October 2017 at 3:35 am #

    Thanks for this! I am craving for some pizza right now. I’m now looking up restaurants to have some pizza.

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