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October 26, 2020

Labneh Pots – Perfect Picnic or Padkos Snack

Posted on July 4, 2017 by in cheese

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Labneh Pots

Labneh Pots are so each to make, the kids can dot it.

These Labneh Pots can be any flavor you want them to be, but I just love Red Pepper Pesto and Basil Pesto, so those were my flavors of choice. The white, red and green colors also look beautiful in the glass jars.

Labneh Pots

In summer when you have an abundance of fresh basil, please go ahead and make your own pesto. Please do not deprive yourself from making these delicious Labneh Pots in winter, just because you have no basil to harvest. There is always Pesto Princess to rely on for delicious pestos. While we are on the topic of making Pesto, look at these scrumptious recipes you can make with fresh pesto:

Cashew Pesto Springrolls

Camembert with Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes

Braided Pesto Bread

Our little madam is not a sandwich kind of person, so packing lunch is always challenging. My Labneh Pots have hit a spot with her and I can see how her face lights up in the morning when she sees one in her lunchbox. During winter you can serve these dipping pots with a bowl of tomato soup and some parmesan crisps.

Labneh Pots

Labneh Pots

make 2 x 100 ml glass jars


1 jar Bedouin Labneh Cream Cheese – you can choose any of the flavors – I used Garlic

125 ml basil pesto

125 ml red pepper pesto

fresh basil – optional


Wash and wipe the jars clean and start layering the labneh and pesto very carefully with a teaspoon. If you want, you can add fresh basil leaves in between the layers just for effect. I always start with the labneh first.

Once the jars are full, close and refrigerate until needed.

Labneh Pots

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