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April 17, 2021

Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad

Posted on December 8, 2017 by in salads, vegetables

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Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad

The Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad was met with much controversy on Facebook this morning. Some people LOVE gelatin salads and others absolutely hate it.

This Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad brings back so many childhood Christmas memories. The good news is, these salads are back and quite trendy right now. Seriously, if I look at some of the jellied creations on Pinterest, my blood runs cold. I cannot image eating some of them. There are also some beautiful and inspiring creations, so I hope the “haters” will rethink this Christmas. The Jellied Moulds are showstoppers on a dessert table and as starters they look beautiful. The best part is that I will make these a few days before Christmas and thus taking the effort out of cooking.

Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad

Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad

serves 10 – 12


10 medium beetroots – cooked until soft

3 packets Trotters Jelly – Cherry flavor

45 ml /3 T gelatin

3 cups/ 675 ml boiling water

2 cups/ 450 ml cold water

4 ml salt

1 cup red wine vinegar

100 ml sugar

4 cloves

2 All Spice berries

5 black peppercorns

1 small handful fresh lemon thyme

fresh plums for serving

Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad


Prepare jelly moulds by spraying them with non-stick spray. I used 2 x 750 ml moulds. Cut the beetroot in small cubes. Empty the jelly packets into a small pot and add all the other ingredients except the plums. Bring to the boil and make sure the jelly powder has dissolved. Pour the liquid through a sift and over the beetroot. Allow to cool and steep a little. Now fill the moulds to the top and set overnight in the fridge. Serve with fresh herbs, thin slices of plum and any other cold meats.

Spiced Jellied Beetroot Salad

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