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April 17, 2021

Pork Neck Steaks – deliciously tender!

Posted on January 4, 2018 by in pork

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Pork Neck Steaks

Pork Neck Steaks, my favorite cut of pork. Of course other than a deliciously crispy pork belly, but pork belly does not work so well on the grill or braai, unless you make Pork Belly Kebabs.

Pork Neck Steaks

Pork Neck Steaks on the other hand, always delivers on taste and they are always tender. You can find them at most butchers, or you can simply order a de-boned pork neck from Klein Merino. In winter this cut is perfect with a creamy black pepper sauce or even in a stew. In summer though, grilling or braai is my favorite. I have to say, at our holiday house, my dad rules the roost, and he does not like a sweet marinade on meat, so we keep it simple. You can try this delicious marinade, it is quite addictive.

Pork Neck Steaks

A fresh, tangy coleslaw on the side, maybe a braai broodjie or a jacket potato and you have a complete meal. Effortless.

Pork Neck steaks

serves 6


1 de-boned pork neck or 6 pork neck steaks

a little olive oil

salt/pepper or for something different Robertsons Portuguese Chicken Spice

lemon juice


If you are using a whole de-boned pork neck, tie it in a tidy roll and with a sharp knife cut into 2 cm steaks. Rub the steaks with olive oil. Season with your preferred spice. Heat a griddle pan or get your coals to medium heat if you are doing them on the braai. Grill the steaks on both sides until just cooked and no blood is running from the steak when pierced. Serve with a delicious coleslaw.

Pork Neck Steaks

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