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April 17, 2021

Greek Jaffles with Tzatziki – Ας φάμε!

Posted on July 17, 2018 by in lamb

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Greek Jaffles

Greek Jaffles in stacks with cold tzatziki – perfect for a quick Monday night supper.

Greek Jaffles are only “Greek” because I added typical Greek flavors in the mince mix. Let’s start with the minced meat. You can my all means use beef, but in Greece lamb takes preference. Lamb mince is not so readily available, but it makes a huge difference. The fattiness of the lamb is just so good. Add to that fresh and dried oregano, mint, garlic, cloves and cinnamon and your family will be doing Zorba around the table.

Greek Jaffles

Now for the jaffles, you need a jaffles iron or pie iron, pudgy pie iron, sandwich toaster, jaffle iron, or toastie iron. Same thing, just in different parts of the world. It is basically two hinged, round or square, metal plates with long handles. The metal plates are concave to make space for the filling. I suppose the modern version of this could be a snackwich machine, but no, just no! Jaffles are made on the open fire and the filling possibilities  are endless. Here are a few:

– Curried mince

– Tomato, cheese, onion

– Tuna mayonaise

– Chicken Mayonaise

– Mushroom and cheese

– Milktart

Greek Jaffles

Here are my tips to a successful jaffle:

– Use the “big slice” bread

– I butter the outside of the sandwich.

– after closing the jaffle iron, cut the excess pieces of  crust off, it will burn and leave a bitter taste.

– use enough filling, but not too much, otherwise it leaks out and become messy to eat.

Greek Jaffles with Tzatziki

makes 12 jaffles


1 large onion – finely diced

2-3 cloves garlic – crushed

a glug of olive oil (2T)

500 g Klein Merino lamb mince

1 stick cinnamon

½ t/2.5 ml fine cloves

1- 2 t/5-10 ml dry oregano

5 ml/ 1 t dry thyme

a small handful fresh mint and oregano (if you have)

24 slices white bread – use big slices

3 wheels feta

butter for bread


makes enough for 12 jaffles


250 ml Fairview Full Fat Yogurt yogurt

2 cloves garlic – crushed

½ cucumber, seeded and grated (keep peel on)

1 T salt

1-2 T fresh dill – finely chopped

juice and zest or 1 lemon

salt and pepper

2 T / 10 ml Olyfberg Olive Oil


Prepare the tzatziki first. Grate the cucumber in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. Transfer the grated cucumber to a sieve or muslin cloth and squeeze all the liquid out. In the same bowl with the drained cucumber, add all the tzatziki ingredients. Mix properly and chill until needed.

To make the jaffles – Use 12 slices of bread and butter on one side of each slice. Place a slice bread in a plate, butter side down, and then pput a big spoonful of mince on the bread. Top with some feta and close the sandwich with another slice. Again with the butter side of the bread on the outside. Place the sandwich in the jaffle iron and place on medium coals or a medium flame on your gas hob. It takes about 3 minutes on each side, take a look and if golden in color, the jaffle is ready. Serve hot with cold tzatziki and a small garden salad.

Greek Jaffles



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