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January 21, 2021

Salmon Risotto with Salmon wrapped in Pancetta

Posted on August 15, 2018 by in rice, seafood

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Salmon risotto with Salmon wrapped in Pancetta

Salmon Risotto on its own is such a divine delicacy, to top it with a salmon fillet wrapped in the finest pancetta, utter decadence.

The Salmon risotto is the creamy element to this fine plate of food and yes, you can make it. It really looks far more complicated than it really is. To me, risotto falls in the same category as Melkkos, rice pudding or bread and butter pudding. Sheer comfort food. I think, next to this risotto, my favorite is Blue Cheese Risotto with Clemengold Honey Comb.

Salmon risotto with Salmon wrapped in Pancetta

I have always been under the impression that salmon is very expensive. Well, it is, but because the salmon is so rich and meaty, a little goes a long way. I served 4 of us from only 2 small fillets and there were leftovers for the next day.

If you have never made risotto, I hope this inspires you. It looks far more complicated than it really is, so put your fears aside and let me help you. I made my own fish stock from the off cuts, but you can buy some, Ina Paarman makes a fine chicken stock.

Salmon risotto with Salmon wrapped in Pancetta

Salmon Risotto with Salmon Wrapped in Pancetta

serves 4


For the salmon

2 Threestreams Hot-smoked Norwegian Salmon – cut in 4 portions – remove the thin edges, use for stock

12 strips pancetta – thin as can be

For the risotto

1 whole leek – chopped finely

1 clove garlic – grated finely

30 ml/2 T butter

15 ml/1 T Olyfberg Olive oil

250 ml/1 cup arborio rice

750 ml/3 cups fish stock – make the stock and keep warm in a pot

¾ cup/ 200 ml white wine

200 ml/¾ cup cream

125 ml/½ cup grated parmesan cheese

1 salmon fillet – skinned and chopped in small cubes

fresh dill or coriander for serving

Salmon risotto with Salmon wrapped in Pancetta


Preheat the oven to 200 C. To make the salmon parcels. Wrap each salmon portion with 3 strips of pancetta and place on a baking sheet, lined with baking paper. Ten minutes before the risotto is done, place the baking sheet in the oven and bake until the pancetta is crispy.

To make the risotto – Heat a pot on the stove, add the butter and oil. Add the chopped leek and garlic and saute on low heat until the leeks are soft. Increase the heat. Add the rice and stir so that each rice kernel is coated with butter. Add the wine and cook until the wine has evaporated. Now start to add the stock spoon by spoon. Allow each addition of stock to evaporate before you add the next. This takes 15 – 20 minutes. The end result must be a creamy risotto, but the rice must still have a little resistance when you bite on it. Add the cream and parmesan cheese. Season to taste. Lastly, just before serving, add the chopped salmon and herbs. serve a spoonful of creamy risotto with a salmon portion on top.

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