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March 8, 2021

Spicy Wheat salad with Goats Cheese – perfect picnic food!

Posted on October 30, 2018 by in cheese

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Spicy Wheat Salad

This Spicy Wheat salad is on every single one of our family feast tables. Low and behold every time there will be someone at the table who has a jaw-drop moment. “What is this salad”, they would ask.

The Spicy Wheat salad is a staple for us, but obviously not for everyone. I also cannot believe that I have never posted this recipe on my site. So today is that day. I am happy to share this recipe with you. When I tell someone about our wheat salad, they would always look at me with utter dismay…… wheat, really, cooked wheat? It is actually the crunch of the slightly under cooked wheat that makes  this salad so good. The salad has a little attitude, a little bite to it.

Spicy Wheat Salad

The other ingredients are pantry staples. I have added some goats cheese to the jars of salad – you can add smoked chicken, dried fruit or even pulled pork. They are delicious as part of a buffet. In mini jars, they make the perfect picnic food. My children also like it in their lunchboxes.

Spicy Wheat Salad

Spicy Wheat Salad

serves 10


500 g wheat – it sells in the shops as “Stampkoring” – barley will also do.

1 liter water

5 ml salt

2 big spring onions finely chopped – I use white and green parts

1 red, yellow and green pepper – cut in very small dices

1 large onion – finely chopped

250 ml raisins


250 ml tomato sauce – use All Gold or Wellingtons

250 ml canola oil – olive oil to harse

15 – 20 ml curry powder

+- 30 ml brown sugar

30 ml white vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

a big bunch fresh coriander – finely chopped

2 x 100 g Fairview Chevin – crumbled


Bring the wheat and water to the boil in a big pot and cook until the wheat is soft, but still has a little chew. Add the peppers, onion, spring onion and raisins. Mix through. In a separate jug, mix all the dressing ingredients and taste. You want the perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty and spice. When you are happy, pour over the wheat and mix. This salad can keep for up to 1 week in the fridge. I hope for you, it lasts that long.

I crumble the goats cheese over the top just before serving.

Spicy Wheat Salad

This salad pairs beautifully with the Fairview Viognier  which is very flexible, working in a wide variety of seafood, roasted or grilled chicken,pork, spicy flavors and Asian cuisine.
A Malay curry with delicate spice and dried fruits is particularly delicious when paired with Viognier.

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