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April 17, 2021

Elegant Christmas Trifle

Posted on December 3, 2018 by in desserts

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Elegant Christmas Trifle

An elegant Christmas trifle to adorn your dessert table.

The Elegant Christmas Trifle may see complicated to make ans assemble, but I can assure you, it is childs play. Not really a child-friendly dessert though, as it is spiked a little with Fairview La Beryl Blanc. Afterall what is Christmas without the cheer.

Elegant Christmas Trifle

First of all, I need to get the whole trifle thing off my chest. I love eating trifle, the messy, jelly, custard, jam roll, cream and nuts, works for me. However NOT on my Christmas table, rather in a big bowl in fron tof the telly when now one is watching. My problem is that the first people to dish, scoops off the nice bits, the cream, the chocolate balls etc. The the bowl of trifle turns into a mess. So a few years ago, I started making idividual servings, first the traditional flavors, then the next year, I made these Red Velvet Trifles. All delicious, but last year I tried a deconstructed version – people LOVED it. So, that brings me to this year, whats new and interesting. I saw this version of Donna Hay and was hooked. I tweaked a little to make it bigger for my enormous family, but I loved the subtle elegance of this trifle.

Elegant Christmas Trifle

Elegant Christmas Trifle

serves 6-8


500 g mascarpone

250 ml cream

3 T castor sugar

1 x 200 g packet Bodiour Biscuits

250 ml Fairview La Beryl Blanc Dessert Wine

500 g raspberries

250 ml cream

1 T castor sugar


Line a bread tin ( 10 x 35 cm) with cling wrap. Making sure the overhanging pieces are long enough to close the trifle when done. Place the mascarpone, 250 ml cream and 3 T castor sugar in a mixer and whisk until you have soft peaks. Place a layer of  the finger bsicuits in the bottom of the bread tin and drizzle a third of the dessert wine on the biscuits. Top with half the raspberries. Now scoop half the mascarpone mix on the berries and spread out. Repeat the layers en end of with  a layer of biscuits. Close  the trifle with the overhanging plastic and refrigerate.

When ready to serve, whip the remining 250 ml cream and 1 T of castor sugar until stif peaks. Unmould the trifle onto a pretty plate and pile the whipped cream on top.

Elegant Christmas Trifle

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