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September 27, 2020

Cheese Tower – Festive Season Elegance

Posted on December 10, 2018 by in cheese

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Cheese Tower

A cheese tower or tower of cheese can NEVER be a bad thing, especially over the festive season.

I made this cheese tower, because so many people have asked me about cheese towers for special occassions, like weddings, 21st parties of just special birthday celebrations.  I had all intentions do do this post earlier in the year, but the trick is to find enough cheese lovers and eaters to eat the evidence after the shoot.Cheese Tower

We are having  our community’s end-of-year Christmas lunch on Sunday, so it created the perfect opportunity to make this cake. Surely there will be enough cheese eaters around.

There are so many varieties of cheese around, so it would be difficult to name specific cheeses. I do love Fairview, so will always opt for their delicious cheese, but the choice is yours. I will however give guidance as to flavors, side dishes and ways to make it beautiful.

Cheese Tower

Choices of Cheese

Hard Cheese

One of the layers in your tower must be a hard cheese. I’m thinking of a hard crumbly texture and I strongly reccomend the Kleinrivier Grana.I first tasted this cheese as judge at the Dairy Championships and fell in love.

Cheddar – semi-hard

Your tower needs a good cheddar, tangy, sligtly acidic, yet not as mature as the grana. Here, I can think of a few, but an 10 months old matured cheddar is perfect. My choice: Ladysmith Mature Cheddar


Everyone’s favorite, so you cannot leave out the gouda. Mild enough and familiar so that even the children can tuck in. I reccommend: Parmelat President Matured Gouda (6 months)

Soft Cheese

Brie – Who can resist a soft, runny, mouldy cheese. My heart as you know is with Fairview so the cheese of my heart is the Grand Brie. If you bring it to room temperature, you will have the perfect ooze.

White Rock

A mild, semi-soft white cheese with added cranberries and natural fruit essences. A lovely combination of sweet fruits and a cheesy flavour.

Blue Cheese

Definitely a good choice, although there will always be the blue cheese hater here or there. Fairview Blue Rock is a full fat blue veined Roquefort-style cheese with a rich flavour and a firm yet creamy texture.


Another rind cheese that your tower should not be without.

Goats cheese

The proverbial “cherry on the top of the cake” is the Fairview Crottin. A white mould cheese with an intense goat flavor.


I kept the colors and textures rather rustic and earthy. I love penny gum and the succulents in various sizes and colors worked for me. You can play with more vibrant colors, use roses, vine leaves, olive branches whatever you have available. Also stay in the theme of your buffet of wedding tables. I had a punnet of blueberries and added them. I liked the little pops of purple here and there.


Firstly, of course bread. Have a variety, sourdough, soft homebaked bread, baguettes and bread sticks and crackers. Leave some of the breads whole, but also cut the bigger ones so that it is not too complicated for the quests.

Fresh fruit, cheese and bread is a winning combination. Grapes, figs, berries and other soft fruits are very popular -Which ever fruits  are in season. Dried fruit can also work – apple rings, apricots, peaches, cranberries and dried figs.

Pickles, presserves and syrups – homemade pickles are delicious and very easy to make. Presserves such as figs, watermelon pieces, quince and jams are popular choices.

Lastly, make sure you have enough knives, spoons, little forks and small plates and bowls on table.

Cheese Tower

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