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Whipped Blue Cheese Spread

Posted on June 5, 2019 by in cheese

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Whipped Blue Cheese

Whipped Blue Cheese is a thing of dreams.

Whipped Blue Cheese is delicious on toast and crackers, but then you try it on a juicy steak, in a baked potato or melted in a hearty soup and you have yourself a winner.

Whipped Blue Cheese

To make the Whipped Blue Cheese, literally takes less than 5 minutes so before I get there, I want to talk about snacks. Yes, snacks. I went to a party recently and the entire party was catered for by Woolworths. No, Woolworths has not opened a new division to their business, the snacks and eats just all came from Woolworths ready-to-eat range. The host was so apologetic, and she had no reason to be. The snacks were all most delicious. Expensive? Yes, but if you can afford it, go for it. My only suggestion is to give it your own little twist. It could be how you plate it, how you combine snacks and flavors or simply by adding a bunch of herbs or a flower here and there.

Whipped Blue Cheese

Why would I give you ideas on bought snacks on a food site? Life is hard some days and time is precious. So, yes please try my Salmon and Potato Croquettes, Pork Samosas with Shiracia,

or even your own hand-rolled sushi, but more importantly relax. Give yourself a break somedays, buy the snacks, put your red lipstick on and enjoy life.

To prove my point, I bought a few Woolworths items and made some pretty girls snacks – well the boys in my house thoroughly enjoyed it too.

Whipped Blue Cheese

Whipped Blue Cheese

makes about 500 g


200 g Botham’s Cremezola Blue Cheese or Fairview Blue Rock

200 g cream cheese

zest and juice of ½ a lime


Place all the ingredients in a electric mixer (not a food processor) and whip on high speed until light and and fluffy. Spoon into a glass jar and keep refrigerated until needed.

Whipped Blue Cheese

Other Ingredients

1 packet Woolworths Purple Sweet Potato & Chia Seeds Veggie Cracker Cakes

a packet sliced red onions

1 avo

1 packet small cucumbers

fresh herbs of your choice

1 packet beetroot chips – crumbled for texture

1 bottle Fairview Rosé Quartz


Assemble the snacks how you see fit, sit back and give yourself a break.

Whipped Blue Cheese

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