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December 3, 2020

Picnic Loaf with Trout and Pesto

Posted on November 11, 2019 by in cheese, seafood

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Picnic Loaf with Trout and Pesto

We loved this picnic loaf with trout and pesto. Quick and easy to make and serves 4-6 people with ease.

The picnic loaf with trout and pesto saves you from making a Tupperware container with a variety of sandwiches. So it saves time, but the biggest thrill for me is the gasps when I take this beauty from the picnic basket.

Picnic Loaf with Trout and Pesto

Look, I LOVE a good sandwich, my kids call them Nina Sandwiches. Dad, on the other hand is a work in progress. He loves peanut butter and jam on his bread, every day…….. we’ve been married for 24 years…. I know!

Pesto Princess Basil & Lemon Pesto

The lightly smoked trout and pesto were such a perfect combination. Add to that a good sourdough bread and we had ourselves a gourmet Nina sandwich. Yes, even the husband approved.

I am not willing to sacrifice on quality and taste so I am going to follow my late mother-in-law’s advice. “You want to be a winner, stick with winners”. 

Picnic Loaf with Trout and Pesto

Two companies that, in my opinion, definitely fall in this winning category are Threestreams and Pesto Princess

Both of these companies have a whole list of wonderful philosophies, but it is their focus on sustainable farming and food production that has my full support. Pesto Princess – I mean what is not to like about a company with the following philosophy.

Reduce the impact our business has on the planet and its’ people 

Give sustainable farming practices the royal thumbs up  

Threestreams on the other hand has this philosophy:

To practice Sustainable Food Production – Aquaculture is the fastest growing sustainable food production sector in the world. It’s a major component in any future green economy.

So, I thought, why not bring these two wonderful philosophies together in this delicious picnic sandwich.

Picnic Loaf with Trout and Pesto

serves 4-6


a large sourdough loaf – I used ciabatta

1 x 250 g cream cheese

1 x 130g jar Pesto Princess Basil Lemon Pesto

fresh lettuce of your choice – I used rocket as well as butter lettuce

2-4 ripe tomatoes – depending on their size

2 x 80 g Threestreams Cold Smoked Trout Ribbons

course salt and pepper to taste

to serve – fresh rocket and basil


Use a serrated bread knife and cut bread open down the middle. Spread the whole tub of cream cheese on both the top and bottom half of the loaf. Now spread the whole jar of pesto on the bottom half over the cream cheese. Top with the tomato slice, then the lettuce and lastly the trout ribbons. Wrap the loaf in brown paper or grease proof paper and tie with pieces of string. Picnic Loaf with Trout and Pesto

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