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March 4, 2021

Boozy Christmas Crackers

Posted on December 17, 2019 by in baked goods

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Boozy Christmas Crackers

Oh yes, these Boozy Christmas Crackers are just perfect for a Christmas dessert table.  Maybe even an after dinner sweet indulgence with your coffee.

The Boozy Christmas Crackers are made with 4 ingredients only. In this silly season where everything is over-the-top and expensive that a 4-ingredient recipe brings much relief.

Boozy Christmas Crackers

I have been on a no sugar, no carbs diet for a while now. I have conditioned my mind by saying: “Nina, you know exactly what Mom’s fruitcake taste like, you don’t have to try it!” or “Mom’s cookies are the same year after year. You don’t have to have one.” So far, I feel I am strong, but with these boozy crackers, I am not so sure. Those whole juicy cherries in the fruit mix, are so damn good. What takes these delightful bites over the top is the vanilla mascarpone. The creaminess cuts through the sweetness and lingers in your mouth just long enough before you take another boozy cracker.

Boozy Christmas Crackers

Boozy Christmas Crackers

makes 12 crackers


6 sheets phyllo pastry

125 ml melted butter

500 g fruitcake mix – look for one with whole cherries, otherwise add some marachino cherries

45 ml brandy

icing sugar for dusting

For the Vanilla Mascarpone

250 g mascarpone

5 ml vanilla extract

15 ml icing sugar

Boozy Christmas Crackers


Preheat the oven to 180 C. Line a baking sheet with baking paper

Remove the phyllo from the packet and lay on a clean work surface. Stack the 6 sheets on top of each other. To keep the pastry from drying out while working with it, place a damp kitchen towel over it. Use a pastry brush and brush the first sheet with the melted butter. Pick up the sheet, turn it upside down on the second sheet. Cut the two sheets in 4 squares ( you will now have 4 squares, double pastry with butter in the middle). Place a big spoonful of the cake mix on each phyllo square, roll up and squeeze the ends close to make Christmas Crackers. Repeat with the next four sheets of pastry until you have 12 Christmas Crackers. Place the crackers on the backing sheet and bake until golden brown.

The make the Vanilla Mascarpone

In a small glass bowl, mix the mascarpone, sugar and vanilla extract until creamy and smooth. Serve with hot Boozy Christmas Crackers.

Boozy Christmas Crackers

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