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December 3, 2020

Beetroot and Smoked Trout Wraps

Posted on January 11, 2020 by in seafood, snacks

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Beetroot and Smoked Trout wraps

These Beetroot and Smoked Trout Wraps are delicious for a back-to-school or back-to-work lunchbox.

The Beetroot and Smoked Trout Wraps are light, very tasty and will definitely raise a few eyebrows in the office. Cut up into little snacks (as per the images) is just perfect for as a snack idea. Speaking of snack ideas. Do try these easy recipes when you next have to supply a plate of eats. Paleo-friendly Feta and Biltong Snacks, Smoked Salmon and Pea Pesto Crostini or this delicious Whipped Blue Cheese to enjoy on crackers.

Beetroot and Smoked Trout wraps

Beetroot Wraps are made with wheat flour and beetroot juice. These scrumptious and quick to heat tortilla wraps can be heated in the oven, dry fried or microwaved. I just love the color and maybe I fool myself to think it is slightly healthier because of the beetroot juice. Nevertheless, they are beautiful.

Beetroot and Smoked Trout Wraps

makes about 30-36 little snacks


6 Woolworths Beetroot Wraps

2 x 250 g Cream Cheese

about 30 young(thin) asparagus

200g Threestreams Oak-smoked Trout Ribbons

zest and juice of 2 small lemons

2 T chopped chives

salt and freshly ground pepper


It is important to get all the elements ready before you start making these wrap rolls.

Cream Cheese

Empty the two tubs of cream cheese into a bowl. Add the lemon juice, lemon zest, chives, salt and ground pepper to the bowl and mix well. Keep refrigerated until needed.


Fill a medium-size pot half with water and bring to the boil. Add the asparagus and blanche for 2-3 minutes depending on how thick they are. Remove the asparagus from the boiling water and immediately put them in a bowl with ice water to stop the cooking process and retain the beautiful green color.


This is how I do it. Take the wraps from the plastic package and put them all in a clean kitchen towel and fold the towel around them to make a little parcel. Place the wraps with towel into the microwave and let it run on high for 2 minutes. This will make the wraps soft and pliable.

Beetroot and Smoked Trout wraps

To assemble the wraps

Take a wrap, spread some of the cream cheese mix on the wrap. Place some trout ribbons on the cream cheese. Lastly place about 5 asparagus on the trout and roll the wrap. Use a sharp knife and cut into little rounds. Serve with a glass of cold bubbly and some pretty fine flowers of micro herbs.

Beetroot and Smoked Trout wraps

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