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January 21, 2021

Salmon Sliders for Kids

Posted on April 3, 2020 by in seafood

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Salmon Sliders for kids

The Salmon Sliders for Kids are not just delicious to eat for both kids and grown-ups, it is so good for children.

Salmon sliders for kids, you’ve got to be kidding me, I hear you! Salmon is expensive, now way I am going to give it to my kids. Why not? Should the growing and old ones amongst us not be fed best? Just asking. Why is salmon a good fish choice for your children?

Source of protein

Salmon is a good source of protein for their growing bodies. Salmon foods offer essential amino acids and helps to keep kids full and satisfied during the day.

Source of Omega-3

Salmon Sliders for kids

These essential fats are so important for brain development and it keeps their immune system in balance. Omega-3 improve cognitive function in infants and children so they can be at peak performance while at school.

Loaded with Vitamin B

Salmon is an excellent source of many of the B-group vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. This is the good stuff, it provides them with lots of energy, but it helps with concentration, up their moods and helps them to retain what they have learned.

These salmon sliders for kids are moreish, but show me a kid who does not like sushi. For the teenagers, maybe a Poké Bowl is a better choice.

This is not the cheapest sliders you will ever make, I agree Salmon is expensive, but do consider the health option for your kids. These sliders are also beautiful on a snack platter for grown-ups.

Salmon Sliders for kids

Salmon Sliders for kids

Makes 10 sliders


500 g salmon fillets
1 medium-size onion – grated
A handful coriander – chopped
1 egg
20 g breadcrumbs – I prefer fresh
30 ml soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
Juice of 1 lemon

For frying
45 ml olive oil

To assemble
10 small bread rolls
½ a cabbage shredded – I use red and green cabbage
200 ml mayonnaise
15 ml Sriracha sauce
A handful coriander – chopped
3-4 tomatoes – thinly sliced
butter lettuce


Place all the ingredients for the salmon patties in a food processor and blitz the machine until the mixture comes together. Do not over process, you still want a little texture. Heat a skillet and add the olive oil to the pan. Make 10 even-sized patties and fry in the skillet until light golden brown on the outside, but still pink on the inside.

Mix the shredded cabbage, the mayonaisse, sriracha and coriander until well blended. To assemble the sliders, cut the rolls open. Place some lettuce and a slice of tomatoes on the bottom half of the bun. Top with a salmon patties. Top the patties with some coleslaw and more of the mayo mix. Serve immediately.

Salmon Sliders for kids

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