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April 12, 2021

Low Carb Sushi

Posted on February 21, 2021 by in seafood

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Low Carb Sushi

Low carb sushi is all the deliciousness, less the guilt. That is iff you are on a low-carb diet. Or rather a keto or banting diet.

Low carb sushi is so incredibly easy to make, it is hardly a recipe. It is perfect to fill lunch boxes and makes for a very popular platter to take to a book club, catch-up with the girls or a perfect little bit to serve before dinners.

Low Carb Sushi

I love sushi and I can say my sushi-making skills have improved significantly since my first attempt. Over the years I have tried to perfect the art of making maki, and to this day my sushi starter is still very popular with my dinner guests. Sadly, for my rice is a problem. Firstly making the perfect sushi rice is a little effort and eating all that rice is not good for me. So, sushi on a low carb diet is somewhat of a challenge! Low carb sushi choices are limited and pretty much all sushi is not low carb, because of the rice in it. Yes, yes, I know you can order sashimi, but that gets boring after a while.

Low Carb Sushi

I have seen some recipes for low-carb sushi on the internet, but they substitute the sushi rice with cauli-rice. I have not tried it yes, I think the cauliflower will overpower the sushi, but it is an option if you are interested.

Low Carb Sushi

makes 16 pieces – you make definitely make more, it is not rocket science


4 nori sheets

250 g cream cheese – salmon flavored is good, but plain will work just fine – I find it works better if cream cheese is a troom temperature.

500 g Threestreams Salmon Strips

4 carrots – peeled and cut in thin strips

1 cucumber – peeled and cut in thin strips

1 small bunch spring onions

2 ripe, but firm avocados cut in thin slices.

kewpie mayonnaise

toasted white and black sesame seeds

To serve

soy sauce

pickled ginger

Low Carb Sushi


Before you start, make sure all the vegetables are cut. I use the green parts of the spring onion for decorations and the white part, I cut in strips like the cucumbers and carrots. Lay a sushi mat on a flat surface and place a layer of cling wrap over the entire sushi mat. Place a nori sheet on the plastic. This will prevent the sushi to stick to the sushi mat.

Spread a thin layer of the cream cheese over the entire nori sheet. On the end closest to you, place cucumber strips, carrot strips and spring onion strips. Place a single layer of avocado slices on top and then a few drops of kewpie mayo. Lastly, scatter some of the seeds over the filling and use the sushi mat to roll up the sushi roll. Repeat with the other nori sheets. Cut each roll in 4 pieces of sushi. Serve with a little bowl of say and some pickled ginger.

Low Carb Sushi

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