September 25, 2023

Grilled Steak for Two

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Grilled steak for two is what you eat when the kids are out and you are having a date night!

I am a very involved mom, right, hovering over the kiddos, caring for their every need. ( I know, I need therapy!) I like having them around, so I was not at all prepared for this stage of our lives. Teenage stage, yes, despite me, the kiddos now have a social life! Parties and outings and sleepovers … hate those!) and sports. So all of a sudden the hubster and I are alone…… often…… too often! Sadly, we work so hard at the moment, that we are often too tired to go out ( I know, sad isn’t it?)

So, this Grilled Steak for Two is for those nights. No dishes, just me, the hubster and a pan full of food. Why is this grilled steak so special? The green olive and caper butter and then just to take you over the edge, deep-fried capers! ( idea from Anel Potgieter) Where I got the idea for the butter from, heaven only knows, but it works. Served with a simple tomato salad, this grilled steak will definitely be our date night treat from now on.

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