March 5, 2024

Choosing knives for your kitchen.

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Choosing knives for your kitchen can be quite a daunting and expensive exercise.

Choosing knives for your kitchen should begin by learning a few important things about knives. Knowledge is power and if you know what to choose, life in this department seems simpler.

Questions about knives are most probabHere are my top tips when using or choosing knives:


A poor quality knife that is sharp, is still better than a good qualify knife that is blunt. Cutting, slicing, chopping and carving is a pain if your knives are blunt. Take the time and sharpen your knives or ask a qualified person to do so.

The Claw Grip

The free hand holds the material to be cut. The fingertips face the rear inside of the palm so cutting your fingers can be avoided.

The knife is close up against the fingers so that the blade lightly touches the fingers when cutting.

The cook’s knife is moved straight up and down along the fingers with the tip of the knife always staying on the cutting board. So the knife makes a rocking movement.


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