April 22, 2021

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Cheesy Biltong Pull Apart Bread

Posted on November 20, 2018 by in baked goods, cheese

Cheesy Biltong Pull Apart Loaf

This Cheesy Biltong Pull Apart Bread is going to be the next showstopper at your braai with family and friends. The Cheesy Biltong Pull Apart Bread has all the elements you could possibly want. A serious cheese pull, the fines beef biltong and of course super soft bread. I know, I know, how can we push aside […]

Savory Bread and Butter Pudding

Posted on June 25, 2018 by in baked goods, cheese

Savory Bread and Butter Pudding

Savory Bread and Butter pudding for breakfast is as wholesome as it gets. It is creamy, salty, cheesy and comforting, exactly what I look for in a breakfast. This savory bread and butter pudding was born in Prince Albert at the African Relish Cooking School. Whenever I present cooking classes there we cook for the […]

Burnt Butter Banana Bread – next level stuff!

Posted on May 25, 2017 by in baked goods

Burnt Butter Banana Bread

Burnt Butter Banana Bread – a superb tongue twister, say it faster and faster. It has a wonderful ring to it, don’t you think. Like something you should eat NOW! This Burnt Butter Banana Bread is the result of my therapy session in the kitchen. I wanted (no needed) to make the ordinary extraordinary. I […]

Braided Bread with Pesto Feta and Olives – Delicious to the last crumb!

Posted on September 14, 2016 by in baked goods

braided bread

Braided Bread is nothing new, just think about Jewish Challah, eaten on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays. The Swiss or German Zopf, is also a very similar braided bread. Trenza is the Spanish version of this delicious bread and is usually filled with fruit. I made a savory braided bread. I used basil Pesto, Fairview […]

Top 5 Bread Recipes

Posted on August 6, 2015 by in baked goods

Top 5 Bread Recipes

Top 5 bread recipes? Yes, my top 5 bread recipes, they are very easy to make, always deliver on taste and something magical happens when you share a bread with someone. I have selected my Top 5 bread recipes for you, I trust you will make them all! People are often intimidated and scared to […]

Sun-dried Tomato and Olive Bread – Bring the soup!

Posted on July 14, 2014 by in baked goods

Top 5 Bread Recipes

Sun-dried tomato and olive bread with lashings of farm fresh butter – carb heaven, is all I can say! Sun-dried tomato is a very prominent flavor and I usually pair it with subtle flavors such as Labneh which is a light yogurt based cheese. In this easy Chicken Bake with Sun-dried tomato scones, they add […]

Whole wheat bread with smoked trout and lemony mayonnaise

Posted on October 2, 2013 by in baked goods, rsg

Top 5 Bread Recipes

Whole wheat bread has to be really good or else I’m prefer pillow-soft white bread! If I’m going to eat healthy whole wheat bread it must be full of goodness, moist, lots of nuts, fruit and it must have a crusty outside! Whole wheat bread baked with buttermilk and bicarbonate of soda is good, but […]

Cheesy Beer bread – perfect with a cup of comforting soup!

Posted on July 22, 2013 by in baked goods


Cheesy beer bread, all hot and steaming in the one hand and in the other hand a cup of comforting soup…… that is what I call a balanced diet! “Cheesy” may refer to a recipe containing cheese, or information that is cheap, unpleasant, or blatantly inauthentic. The comparative is cheesier and the superlative is cheesiest! […]

Smoky Onion and Olive beer bread – The perfect partner for a heartwarming soup!

Posted on June 13, 2013 by in baked goods

Top 5 Bread Recipes

Smoky was the at the top of the Hit Parade with their song Oh Carol in my last year at varsity. That song played at each and every sokkie ( the rave of those days) and the wall flowers ( the girls who where not on the dance floor) sat waiting to be picked as […]

Cheesy Corn Bread

Posted on July 5, 2012 by in baked goods, pork

Corn Bread sandwich with pork

Corn bread should feature on every respectable food blog and since this is my 600th post, I have decided to celebrate this blogging milestone by sharing my version of corn bread……a very Cheesy Corn Bread! There are so many versions of corn bread available on the Internet, some steamed, others baked or even fried. I […]