April 17, 2021

Kitchen Tools

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Kitchen Tools I cannot do without

What kitchen tools do you use, I am often asked. Sometimes during a cooking class and sometimes I am stopped in the supermarket by random strangers, what is my secret?  What expensive equipment I have and what can I NOT do without in my kitchen. I think my list will surprise most of you, it is that simple.

Sharp Knifes


Everybody (the people I know in food circles) dreams of owning a good set of chef’s knives. These are very expensive and so not always possible to have at the top of your priorities, especially if you have children who needs school fees, camping fees and pocket money. However, you should make sure you always have sharp knives. Working meat or chopping vegetables can be a breeze if your knives are sharp, but if they are blunt, even me dislikes the basic cooking skills. Ask someone to sharpen them for you or buy a sharpener, it is life changing.

Big Pots and Pans

Big Pots

A friend of ours is always joking and saying: pots come in “small”, “medium”, “large” and “Timm-sized”. Yes, I love big pots and pans, because there is always a helping for a stranger or friend that knocks on your door. I prefer pans with metal handles, so they can go into the oven. I find them in the catering department of large wholesalers, such as Makro or Game.

A griddle pan

Griddle panTo me, a griddle is almost a necessity, so make sure it’s on your birthday or Christmas list. Steak, chicken, fish and even vegetables are just so much tastier if they have lovely caramelised ‘lines’.

Glass mixing bowls

Mixing BowlI prefer glass bowls because they are sturdy if you’re beating eggs or making cake batter or bread dough. If you are going to marinate meat, it’s also preferable to do so in glass or stainless steel rather than other metals such as aluminium. Perhaps it’s also the nostalgia of Grandma’s glass bowl of dough covered with a clean cloth that makes me cling to this way of doing things.

A whisk


If you don’t have a food processor ready and plugged in on your counter, a whisk is your best friend. By the time most people have taken their hand beaters and mixers out of the cupboard and plugged them in, my egg whites are already whisked. It’s cheap and indispensable to me!

Metal tongs

TongsThis is probably the cheapest but most used piece of equipment in my kitchen. All the juices in chicken and steaks are lost if you poke holes in them with a fork to turn them over. These tongs are ideal for the job.

A gas stove

Gas stove

I know half of you are ready to throw in the towel when you read this, because a gas stove is very expensive. I do most of my food demonstrations on small, one-plate gas stoves. They are cheap and, depending on the style of cooking, sometimes gas is just better; here I’m thinking especially of the Thai method of cooking. You can buy these stoves at any shop that sells gas fittings.

An adventurous spirit

Open your heart to change, read other people’s recipes and take note of the comments made by your family or guests. Then try out some new ideas, tastes, spices and methods. Great flops in the kitchen have become iconic recipes –just think of the classic tarte Tatin!Constantly taste your food. I know this goes against the advice of every diet guru, but if you don’t know what your food tastes like, how can you expect your guests to enjoy it?Relax –white sauce and cheese can cover up a multitude of your food disgraces! Be innovative, give the dish a new name and voilà–you have a new recipe.

So, there you have it, the secret is out. These are the kitchen tools I use most often.

Happy cooking!