April 19, 2021

Cabbage Au Gratin – From poverty to Prada!

Posted on January 20, 2014 by in cheese, vegetarian


Cabbage – the Cinderella of the vegetable basket, the black sheep in the herd and the ugly duckling in the nest, or at least that is most people’s perception of this vegetable! Cabbage however is found in some of the worlds most classic and loved recipes. Think… coleslaw, sauerkraut, kimchee, bubble and squeak to mention […]

Moroccan Beef Salad – Yes, real men eat salad!

Posted on January 13, 2014 by in beef

moroccan Beef salad

Moroccan beef salad – a salad that says “Bite me, I’m a man and  I like salad! Moroccan Beef Salad is a sure way to get the man in my house to eat salad as a main meal! After a day’s work, the last thing he wants, is to be reminded of our New Year’s […]

Crumbed Pork Cutlets with hazelnuts and sage

Posted on August 14, 2013 by in pork, rsg


Crumbed to me has always meant “something rolled in crumbs and then baked”. On further investigation I learned that “crumbed” can also mean ” drunk as a skunk” and  ” really messed up” as in a car! Fortunately, I do not have to concern myself with the last two meanings and I can focus on […]