December 4, 2020

Macaroons vs Macarons – do you know the difference?

Posted on April 30, 2018 by in baked goods


Macaroons vs Macarons? Many, many people do not know the difference, so don’t despair. Macaroons vs Macarons, which one is which? Well here it is finally, the difference…… If you read this amazing article, you will find that they ARE related in some weird and wonderful way. A macaron (mack-a-ROHN is the correct pronunciation ) […]

Easter Macarons with White Chocolate and Passionfruit Ganache

Posted on April 5, 2012 by in baked goods

Easter Macarons with White Chocolate and Passion fruit Ganache…… You haven’t seen such a long post title on My Easy Cooking in ages, right? Well, I think it is ok to every now and then put your fancy jacket on and do something special, something extraordinary, something you would not normally do. Making macarons is […]