September 30, 2020

Hot Milk Vanilla Sponge Cake with Mousse and Strawberries

Posted on October 24, 2016 by in baked goods

hot milk vanilla sponge cake

Hot Milk Vanilla Sponge Cake is in my opinion the best vanilla sponge to bake. It is basically flop-proof, which works for me. This hot milk vanilla sponge cake was the first ever cake my mom taught me to bake. She had very clear instructions. #1 – you whisk the eggs and sugar until light […]

Baking Cakes – conquering fears one layer at a time!

Posted on August 11, 2014 by in baked goods

baking cakes

Baking cakes should be left to the professionals! I have such admiration for the art of baking light and airy cakes. Baking Cakes became a little easier with the arrival of the hand mixer in 1856 and a total blast when the standing mixer hit the shelves in 1908. I do remember how my mom […]

Baking a cake

Posted on December 21, 2012 by in baked goods


Baking has never been my forte, I have always been of the opinion that I am a cook rather than a baker! You see with cooking, measurements do not have to be so exact, but with baking I’m afraid, you have to be precise…. well almost! I don’t know whether it is my son’s sweet […]