August 2, 2021

Easy Cooking Videos

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An unexpected combination of cream cheese and pineapple on a sandwich. It is light, healthy and very simple to make. This is one of my easiest videos and will show you exactly how. Recipe here!

One of my most popular videos, I think ot is because chicken pie is an age old favorite. Here I use leftover chicken pie! Recipe here! Also try one of my other favorite chicken pies. (Meraai se Paai)

Malva Pudding is most definitely South Africa’s darling when we are talking about desserts. In this video, I show a twist on the classic……. White Chocolate Malva Pudding. Recipe here!

Also one of my favorite videos, because it showcase my favorite cheeses…. Fairview Camembert or Brie. A Delicious one-pan wonder and your family will love it. Recipe here!

This easy take on Biryani caused a nationwide stir after I featured it on Expresso a few years back. Not nearly an authentic Biryani, but definitely one of the videos that is worth a watch. Recipe here!