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Salmon Cream cheese Starters

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Salmon Cream cheese Starters

These Salmon Cream cheese Starters are just perfect for our warm Summer festivities.

You can make these Salmon Cream cheese Starters a day or two in advance. After all who needs hours of cooking and baking in hot kitchens while the rest of the family are saying their hih-hoh’s around the Christmas tree.

What I love about these little about these salmon bombs, is that they are so versatile. You can serve them on a garlic or plain bruschetta. It will look so pretty served in a cold tomato or cucumber consommé or as I have served it. On a bed of steamed asparagus with a light tomato salad. Or maybe as part of a gourmet plate of food next to a perfectly piece of salmon or trout, grilled to perfection.

Salmon Cream cheese Starters

I have a few other other starter options for this Christmas if you need more inspiration. I have these Salmon and Potato starters which my family loves. Have a look at these pretty Camembert and Summer Fruit Starters, perfect for a ladies lunch. I have wonderful ideas for the sushi lovers too. Sushi for beginners or Sushi Stacks.

So my suggestion is to keep it simple this festive season. Have a few packets of salmon or trout shavings in your fridge or freezer. You really can use it is so many innovative ways.Salmon Cream cheese Starters

Salmon Cream cheese Starters

serves 8


500 g Salmon or Trout Slicesuse about 50 g for the filling

500 g cream cheese

one handful fresh chives – finely chopped

zest and juice of 2 limes – use one for filling and one for the tomato salad

salt and coarse black pepper to taste

24-32 fresh asparagus – depending on size

500 g cocktail tomatoes – I love using different colors

fresh edible flowers

Olyfberg extra virgin olive oil


Mix the cream cheese, chives, lime zest and juice of 1 lime, 50 g salmon slices, salt and pepper in a bowl. Take a sheet of clingwrap and lay it on a work surface. Place 3-4 slices of salmon or trout on plastic. Scoop a dollop of the filling in the middle of fish. Bring the ends of the plastic together to form a little parcel. Give the plastic ends a twist to tighten the plastic. Repeat with other 8 starters. Keep in fridge overnight.

When ready to serve: 

Make the tomato salad. Slice the tomatoes in small wedges and place in a bowl. Add a few glugs of olive oil, lime zest and juice and seasoning. Keep aside.

Steam the asparagus or blanche them for 3 minutes in boiling water. Remove from boiling water immediately and place in ice water to stop cooking.

To serve, place 3-4 asparagus on a pretty plate, top with tomato salad and lastly unwrap the salmon parcel and place on top. Decorate with edible flowers and Maldon salt and pepper.

Salmon Cream cheese Starters

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